Mapland in Norwich!

The arrival in school of the world’s biggest map of England and Wales caused quite a stir this week. The 13 x 11m map has been laid out on the floor of Eaton Grove Main Hall and all of the girls have spent a lesson interacting with the map, searching for places, following rivers and motorways across the country and just marvelling at the dimensions and variety of the landscape.  In Monday’s assembly taken by the Geography Department,  we managed to fit the whole of the senior school in rows sitting around the coastline and the teaching staff gave a practical demonstration of how migration can be shown across the map, moving from their place of birth to their university city and then to Norwich. The patterns and distributions were interesting to see; a North-South divide seemed quite clear.  Stafford House enjoyed a similar assembly on Tuesday morning, before coming over in their classes on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday saw five local Primary and Preparatory schools visit the school to enjoy the map; St Nicholas House School, St Thomas More Junior School, St William’s Primary School, Robert Kett Junior School, and Colman Junior School all enjoyed their visits and lessons given by the Geography Department.

The Mapland evening on Tuesday was another fun event, this time run for parents, teaching staff and Friends of Norwich High School. Parents got stuck in with some practical demonstrations with the map and there were also presentations given about the history of the Ordnance Survey and showing some of the Geography residential fieldwork the girls get up to in the 5th and 6th Forms. Some delicious regional food and wine of England and Wales was enjoyed as we all wandered the length and breadth of the country.

We would like to thank the NHSA committee and the Friends of Norwich High school for their generous financial support in helping fund this event.

Mr Hall – WEEKLY NEWS – 18 NOVEMBER 2011


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