Where does this go?

I can see my house from here!

MaplandBritain has two giant floor maps – one of England & Wales and one of Scotland. These maps are available for hire to customers such as schools, festivals, shows and events. The England & Wales map is branded Mapland England & Wales and the Scotland map as Mapland Scotland.

Both giant maps are assembled on the floor, totally walkover, and are complete with topographical detail showing Britain’s mountains, islands, coastline and cities. The maps are badminton court sized – making them the nation’s largest maps. Mapland England & Wales is a one-piece vinyl sheet which is folded into a compact size making it fully portable and easily transported. Mapland Scotland is made up of 180 giant plastic jigsaw pieces which can be dismantled for transport.

Mapland Scotland

The target customers are schools and other educational based organisations with the key vision being to provide a highly enjoyable and educational map experience to children and the general public. Other customers include festivals, shows, events, museums, science centres, clubs and public organisations.


The Mapland Scotland product has won a Highly Commended award at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers annual awards.

Judges were looking for materials that have a significant contribution to make to the teaching of  Geography in Scotland.

Entries were also judged on the quality of material in terms of their geographical content, design and presentation, originality, usefulness and appropriateness.

The Mapland Scotland product has also been awarded ‘Silver Award’ by the Geographical Association for its innovative approach towards teaching a geographical locality. It provides schools with resources to help develop a whole-school project with a geographical theme that children will find both simulating and enjoyable. While primarily a geographical resource, Mapland’s learning programmes present opportunities for other key areas of the curriculum, such as mathematics, literacy and social studies to be integrated into the project.

Mapland has also undergone testing for safety- Mapland_slip_resistance_certificate