Mapland England & Wales

Mapland England and Wales is a massive floor map with full topographical detail. With a total size of 13m x 11m (44ft x 36ft), it is the nations largest map of England and Wales.

Mapland is completely walkover – a hands-on and a feet-on map! You can wander around the coastline, stand on the highest peaks, discover the islands and even walk up the M1!

Mapland England and Wales creates an incredible learning environment and it is available for hire, complete with educational activities, to schools and other educational organisations.

Mapland England and Wales is printed with Ordnance Survey map data at the 1:50,000 scale (Landranger series) and the whole of England and Wales are covered including all the islands in their correct locations.

Space requirements – a flat indoor surface of dimensions 11m by 13 m. This is approximately the size of a badminton court and Mapland is suitable for setting up in school and village halls, sports and exhibition centres.  As the vinyl is flexible, the floor map can be curved up the walls or partly folded if space is limited.