Mapland Scotland

Mapland Scotland is a giant jigsaw map with topographical detail, and is completely walkover. It is made of 180 lightweight plastic jigsaw pieces and has a total size of 10.8 m by 7.6 m, plus  2.5 m by 1.6 m for Shetland.

Mapland is the largest map of Scotland ever produced! It is printed with Ordnance Survey topographical maps at the 1:50,000 scale (Landranger series) in large jigsaw pieces covering the whole of Scotland – including all the islands. Islands such as St Kilda are in their correct locations and not as insets.

The jigsaw pieces are made of lightweight plastic of dimensions 0.7 m by 1 m. There are 180 jigsaw pieces making up Mapland Scotland.

Space requirements: a flat indoor surface (preferably a hard floor) of dimensions 11 m by 8 m, plus another 2.5 m by 1.7 m for Shetland. This is approximately the size of a badminton court and Mapland is suitable for setting up in school and village halls, sports and exhibition centres. If the hall/venue  is needed for other uses, e.g. for school dinners, Mapland can be quickly disassembled and stacked in jigsaw piles at the side of the hall; this takes about 15mins.

“Mapland Scotland have created a remarkable educational resource which challenged and entertained pupils across the primary and secondary age range.” – The Galloway Times

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